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    Guided Cooking Tour of Crete Explores Island’s Local Cuisine and Ancient Minoan Culture.

    7 Days Culinary Tour in Crete with Accommodations, All Meals and Hands on Culinary Classes discounted cookery offer!!

    One of the greatest Greek poets Odysseas Elytis having a intense sense of harmony had said.”The cuisine of a place has to be in a total harmony with the natural and spiritual environment” to be inspired from it and to serve it.


    This holiday is for people who would like to learn the culture of Crete, to visit and walk the ruins ancient civilizations and join basic skills in preparing the famous Cretan traditional Mediterranean Cuisine. They will gain hands on experience through class participation.

    Here, the locals dine on fresh seafood, smoked eggplant, free-range lamb tsigariasto, homemade raki, and much more. Master the art of crafting these dishes while exploring the island on this seven-day cooking and cultural tour of Crete from Active Gourmet Holidays and Porto Club tours.

    The taste and aroma of Cretan plates are both balanced and keep going through centuries with the knowledge and experience that have passed from the older female family member to the younger, like a class in the school and the recipes survive in time.

    Participants will learn various cooking methods, eat nutritiously, meal planning tips, and where and how to shop for ingredients.

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    A fine stone-built country manor of 1750, the Kouriton House classified as historical. It has been preserved for its traditional architectural structure, typical of the Cretan design stemming from prehistoric Minoan mansions.

    Run by the owner and her sons. The owner is a retired University ptofessor of Music, a very nice and warm lady. Breakfasts prepared by the house lady with fresh ingredients from the area but most important with love and care.




    George Portokalakis is passionate about Cretan food and culture and loves to share this passion with his friends and guests.

    After spending over 40 years in the travel industry and cooking business, he would tell anyone willing to listen about the wonders of Cretan cuisine, the family warmth of the Cretan people, share the delights of Cretan cuisine and culture with few people who appreciate good, fresh, natural and healthy cooking and love slow food!

    You will taste the best Cretan traditional food that Crete has to offer and you will experience a way of life that very few foreigners will have the chance to experience






    The instigator and creator was the famous American professor Ancel Keys, the Mr. Cholesterol in the way Americans called him as he was the first to connect “nutrition-heart” and started the research in the late 1940s and specifically in 1947.

    In the research he included Greece after the initiative and the inducement of the Greek professor Mr Aravanis in 1954 when it was agreed to include Greece as it had some special nutritional characteristics.

    In the research it was also included Italy, Holland, the Former Yugoslavia and now Serbia, Finland and Japan.

    For Greece Crete and Corfu were chosen.

    In Crete it was chosen a group of 620 residents in the rural area of Kastelli Pediados 50km away from Heraklion where their nutrition followed a typical diet of rural people with a big consumption of oil together with hard agricultural work that is body exercise on a daily basis and a year later a second group of other 620 residents in Corfu in a similar region 45km away from the Corfu city with almost the same diet habits.

    These 1240 people had since then a continuous annual observation regarding the recording of whatever illnesses appeared.

    From this extended research regarding the sample from Crete, it was proved that the way Cretan lived was a major factor of longevity as in the beginning of 2000 (46 years after the beginning of the research) 150 from the 620 under research were still alive and comparatively to all the other participating countries the population of Crete had the least morbidity and mortality from heart diseases.

    The differences were so big that the scientific community talked about the phenomenon of the Cretan diet and way of life.

    The 7 countries research offered to the scientific and non-scientific community a famous term, that of the MEDITERRANEAN DIET the most beloved term that has been used concerning nutrition.

    The level of health and death rate from chronic diseases were better in the Cretan population even compared to the population of Corfu and the other Mediterranean populations like Italy and Dalmatia.

    This was attributed to the way of life and diet of the Cretans and was since then an international model of nutrition and it was created the intense interest and now a way of life the well known Mediterranean diet.

    According to the professor of Preventive Medicine and Nutrition at the Medical School of Crete Prof. Antonis Kafatos, it was a discovery of great importance as this study introduced the term of risk factor concerning heart attack of myocardium and other chronic diseases and it's really significant for the prevention of chronic diseases.

    This knowledge was used from countries like Finland (which had 10 times more deaths compared to Greece) that founded a national policy for prevention and nutrition.

    The result was the 70% death rate reduction the last 30 years.


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    Margarites Tzanakiana - Rethymno - Crete

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